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Does Your Team Have an Effective Strategy?

Do you have an effective strategy that is based on the realities of today? This is the question Ruben poses to many executive teams.

Everyone knows the importance of strategy but many companies are spending too much time formulating their strategy and planning too far ahead. The age of the 5-year strategic plan is dead. The strategic approach that General Motors pioneered in the 1950s is no longer relevant.

Executives feel that spending an exorbitant amount of time on their strategy will translate into a better plan. They aren’t just dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. They are ensuring all letters have been perfectly formed into beautiful sentences. The market doesn’t care if you have perfect handwriting. It only cares about what you can offer to customers.

Strategies should be shorter, 12 – 18 months at most and refreshed often. Ruben can help your organization create a new strategy using a groundbreaking new process called Sentient Strategy®.

He is one of a few people in the world who are certified in this process. Sentient Strategy will give your organization a strategy designed for the future.

What is Sentient Strategy?

To understand Sentient, let’s look at the simple 2×2 chart below. The two axes are as follows:

Sentient Axes

The horizontal axis is “Consciousness of One’s Actions” which looks at how informed an organization is of the possible actions available to them at any given point. The vertical axis is “Awareness of the Environment” which looks at how well your organization understands the world in which you operate.

To make each of the four quadrants tangible, let’s look at a few examples.

In the top right, we have high consciousness and high awareness. I would place Nike, Apple and Ryanair here. Nike releases products customers love and is able to adjust to social trends rapidly. Apple is a profit machine that has managed to grow out of the shadow of Steve Jobs. Ryanair hoarded staff during the pandemic and hired aggressively as restrictions were lifted allowing them gain market share.

In the top left, we have low consciousness and high awareness. I would put companies like Adidas, Starbucks and Volkswagen on this quadrant. Adidas is highly aware of the need to cater to young consumers but they have taken questionable actions like partnering with Kanye West—an erratic artist. Starbucks is aware of the many challenges facing their stores—tough working conditions, rise of unions, inadequate pay—but they keep going back to Howard Schultz for ideas. Finally, Volkswagen knows that Porsche is their biggest cash cow (contributing 50% of their profit) but just realized that they could spin out the division into their own company.

In the bottom right, we have high consciousness and low awareness. I would place Peloton, Google and Uber here. Peloton made the most out of the pandemic boom but failed to adjust after it. Google is a master of selling ads but doesn’t seem to notice the growing issues around data privacy. Uber grew at incredible rates, suing every city government along the way but failed to notice their toxic culture and shaky unit economics.

In the bottom left, we have low consciousness and low awareness. I would place Boy Scouts, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Air Canada here. Boy Scouts can’t seem to figure out how to move past the abuse allegations. Bed, Bath and Beyond undertook a strategy that any store manager would have advocated against. Air Canada oversold tickets leading to stranded passengers and record complaints.

In the facilitation session, I will help your organization understand in which quadrant you currently land in and how to move to the top right.

There are two elements to going through a Sentient session:

Prep Work:

  • We will jointly select who should be involved in the facilitation session
  • All participants will complete a survey to gauge their knowledge of strategy, company values and ideas for improvements.
  • You will share any relevant documents including stakeholder research, mission statement, previous strategies, and so forth.

Facilitation Session:

  • Define Your Raison d’être (Why Are You Here)
  • Capturing the Shifts in Your World
  • Pillar Blocks of Sentient: Awareness of the Environment and Consciousness of Actions
  • Litmus Test for Priorities
  • Sentient Strategic Areas
  • Failure Points that Derail Strategy
  • Tackle Critical Issues
  • Implementation Assessment
  • Monitoring and Accountability
  • Next Steps

What Other Clients Are Saying

A preview of the results and team reactions you can expect when we work together.

It was great working with Ruben and completing the strategy sessions with him. We were able to cultivate great ideas to move our organization forward for the future.

Corey M.

Organizational Development / OR

Strategic planning can feel daunting, but Ruben guided Alianza’s management team through a two-day, structured process of identifying and prioritizing a handful of critical areas of operation that we could collectively focus on over the next 12-18 months. He patiently helped our group come to consensus, while providing team members multiple ways to share observations, opinions and individual visions for Alianza’s future. We appreciated Ruben’s professionalism and thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Pamela B.

Director of Development / ADV

Ruben's expertise and guidance were instrumental in the successful development of the 24-month strategic planning for Eagle Online Academy. The session was incredibly productive, and the outcomes far exceeded our expectations. Ruben's insights and thoughtful approach helped us navigate through complex challenges, and we are thrilled with the strategic roadmap we have crafted for the academy's future. I truly appreciate Ruben's dedication and hard work throughout the process. His commitment to excellence and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the planning. It's clear that he had a deep understanding of our needs and goals, and his expertise added tremendous value to the project.

Mozhgan  A.

Founder / EOA

Ruben did an outstanding job leading our team through a 2-day strategic planning session. Through his guidance, we were able to gain clarity as we prepare to go into our 20th year of service. It is great to get a re-start, especially post-COVID-19. We are very pleased with his professionalism and the deliverables we discussed.

Dr. Nicole S.

Executive Director / DITR

Ruben jumped on board our project with very little time to review our materials (given our tight timeframe) and yet he managed to run an excellent strategic planning session! We utilized his originally-designed strategic approach and outlined what are the key areas of focus for the next 18 months. It was a dynamic and fluid process that naturally led the focus items to bubble to the forefront. Ruben was a pleasure to work with, and his energy and enthusiasm were infectious!

Amanda C.

Executive Director / MSPUS