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How I Help Organizations

Clients who work with ne experience a wide range of results that include but are not limited to the table below.

All of my work has a direct impact on growth, revenue, profits and the bottom line.

Before Working with Me

After Working With Me

Good at making low impact decisions
Great at making the few high impact decisions
Hesitant about the future
Confident you can create your ideal future
Inconsistent results with strategic decisions
Consistent great results with strategic decisions
Only a small number of leaders can think strategically
Most team members are able to think strategically and act accordingly
Spotty confidence in your ability to make the big decisions
Rock-solid confidence in your ability to make the big decisions
Unsure on how to have tough conversations and get alignment
Able to productively work through tough conversations and get on the same page

What Clients Are Saying

A short selection of what previous clients are saying about working with me, both in video and written form.

Before we started working with Ruben, we had struggled to convert our data into actionable decisions. Ruben helped us sort through our priorities, our technology, and our capabilities for our multiple products. Our team is now able to make confident decisions on how to best improve our products for our users.

Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg


We had an absolute abundance of data available to us through and we didn't know what to do with it and we didn't know how to turn it from a lot of data into actionable decisions and tangible for us to learn as a business, but also for our customers to learn. Ruben helped us create dashboards for our own business insights but also for our vendors and our users. I'm sure we'll work with you again in the future.


Orrin Benford


Ruben helped us understand the weaknesses in how our team was making decisions using data and prepared a strategy that would allow us to solve these challenges and level up our decision-making capabilities. I would highly recommend Ruben to any company that needs an outside perspective on how to solve critical issues like hiring the right people and selecting the right technology.

Sam Magnant

Sam Magnant

Finance & Strategy

Ruben helped our engineering team stay focused on the thing we do very well: building a great product. Ruben helped us decide what technology could make our lives easier over the long term, and he helped us make the right decisions during the implementation.

John Rush

John Rush


Ruben helped us design a strategy for our company that could help us accomplish our short term goals while laying a solid foundation for the future. Internally, we understood deeply how to make our product better but we lacked expertise in data and effective decision-making.

Gaston B.

Gaston B.

Head of Growth
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Who I Have Worked With

Some of the great companies I have helped make drastically better strategic decisions.

CoinberryCircleSwitch & CoDestination VancouverTelemetry TVCobaltStockpilePoloneixWorthFMEffin AmazingNadaamOlivFirst Class FlyerFingerprint LabsThe Public Interest NetworkAnonyome LabsMyParkPaymarkNPAWCareportBitcoin SuisseFluent ForeverCreatubblesDestination BCProcurifyVoter's EdgeDialpadUberconferenceAzloJiveMango ConnectionsPliabilityCare.comMs President USMount SinaiWorldlineNo Fluff JobsThe Intern GroupAlianza DVUtility NYC

Three Ways to Engage Me

I can help your organization in three ways: strategy, strategic workshops and thinking sessions


Make Better Strategic Decisions

I can help your organization and team learn the latest techniques in how to make superior strategic decisions, regardless of the uncertainty and volatility in your industry.

Every workshop engagement is tailored to your unique audience, your challenges and your specific questions.

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Strategy formulation & Advisory

Create Your Ideal Future with a Better Strategy

I can help your leadership team formulate a strategy that is energizing, bold and will actually get implemented.

Every strategy engagement is tailored to the unique challenges of your industry, and the countless opportunities you could go after.

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thinking sessions

Get Rapid Advice on Difficult Decisions

I can help you think through toughest decisions.

In a 60-minute session (or less), we will spend time thinking through a decision together. I will offer frameworks and advice from similar situations to help you understand how to best tackle your specific situation.

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My Commercial Books

The Data Mirage: Why Companies Fail to Actually Use Their Data
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Bulletproof Decisions: How Executives Can Get It Right, Every Time
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