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I help leaders transform strategic decisions into a thrilling reality everyone can rally around.

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ABOUT Ruben's workshops

Level Up Your Organization's Strategic Decisions

I can help your organization and team learn the latest ideas in how to make superior strategic decisions, regardless of the uncertainty and volatility in your industry.

Every workshop is tailored to your unique audience, their challenges and their specific questions.

You can also expect:

  • Access to universal best practices from multiple industries and company sizes
  • Humorous stories and anecdotes
  • Real-life case studies from the best companies in the world
  • Custom design curriculum for your organization
  • Expertise from a 2x published author

Watch Me in Action

You can find my demo reel below, alongside video testimonials and entire speaking presentations (virtual and in-person).

Where I Have Spoken

Some of the great organizations and events Ruben has spoken in front.

VWOProduct CollectiveWorld CouncilProduct Camp VancouverData SummitTech YukonKin + CartaCanadian Marketing AssociationCPA OntarioLangley Chamber of Commerce
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Transform Your Strategy For Better Results and Commitment

Every organization understands the value of a good strategy but the process for getting one isn’t quite as clear.

I have helped over 90+ organizations formulate strategies that tackle the issues no one wants to deal with while ensuring the strategy actually gets implemented.

Here's what participants learned over 90 minutes:

  1. Why strategic planning is the wrong way to think about strategy and sets you up to fail
  2. How to clear items from your team’s plate instead of simply adding more items to your to-do list
  3. How to stop thinking incrementally and start thinking exponentially
  4. The three keys to ensuring your team follows through on the implementation
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Unlock Growth Through Daily Innovative Decisions

Innovation doesn’t need a pitch deck. Organizations have been talking about the need to be innovative since the end of WWII, where technological innovation was seen as the catalyst for economic growth.

Every executive has been told to be “more innovative” or to foster an “innovative environment.” You understand why, but do you know if your organization is being truly innovative?

The best place to look for innovation is in the quality of decisions being made. Everything an organization does can be broken down into decisions, which are the building blocks of innovation, like Legos.

Here's what past participants learned over three hours:

  1. How to foster new avenues for ideas while ensuring those ideas reach decision-makers
  2. How tracking Decision Speed can surface bottlenecks in decision-making
  3. How to ignore HPOs (Highest Paid Opinion) and create an environment where the best ideas win
  4. Why innovation isn’t about major changes but small tweaks
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Common Sense Decision-Making: How to Help Your Team Make Better Stratregic Decisions

Every day, we make over 35,000 decisions in our personal and professional lives. How many of those decisions do you get right?

Decision-making doesn’t have to be complex. There are common sense approaches that will help anyone make better decisions while reducing wasted time, errors and conflicts.

Here's what past participants learned:

  1. Why speed is the most important element of making decisions today
  2. Knowing how to delegate effectively while learning how to let go
  3. Why the command-and-control approach to decision-making is dead and what to replace it with
  4. How more decision-making autonomy can help you retain your best talent
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What Other Clients Are Saying

A preview of the results and audience reactions you can expect when we work together.

I am not a data scientist. I'm a marketing professional. I need to know what data is relevant to my business and to the businesses of my clients. That's what they expect. I tend to be overwhelmed by data, but Ruben's approach, distilling down what's important, finding what's relevant and following it accordingly is beautiful. We need people like Ruben to help us understand the data that's most relevant to our businesses. I highly recommend his book, The Daily Mirage. Pick that up. It will be your go-to reference on a daily basis.

Ginger Weeden

CEO / Set in Motion

Ruben delivered a fantastic seminar for the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) on how marketing teams can get more insights out of their data. Participants were able to leave the session with several actionable ideas and strategies that they could implement rapidly. Ruben delivered this session virtually and was able to engage and interact with all participants!


Learning Manager / CMA

Ruben hosted a webinar with us where he delivered actionable advice, relevant client stories and engaged with our audience. He was able to help our attendees learn how to level up their data efforts and make better decisions with their data. Highly recommend him for any organization that's looking for an expert who's able to break down complex ideas into easily digestible strategies and tactics.

Bhavya Sahni

Partner Marketing / VWO

Ruben Ugarte was instrumental to the success of the 2021 Data Summit Conference, produced by Information Today, Inc. 's DBTA unit. He not only gave an excellent talk on building a data-driven culture that drives results, which was full of useful and practical information about technology, skills, and expectations that contribute to the success of companies, but he also served as moderator for the entire day of the Modern Data Architecture track, keeping speakers on track and asking them interesting and perceptive questions in the Q&A portion of the sessions. We deeply appreciate Ruben’s contributions to the conference and applaud his expertise around making data actionable.

Marydee O.

Conference Organizer / Data Summit