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Get Rapid Advice on Difficult Decisions

I can help you think through tough decisions and determine an effective plan in 60 minutes or less.

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Ruben's Thinking Sessions
ABOUT Ruben's thinking sessions

Are you stuck on a particular difficult decision or situation?

Leaders and executives are expected to have all the answers.

The reality is that we all need outside help to clarify our thinking, especially when the stakes are high.

I have taken one of the most powerful elements of his strategy work, helping clients think through their decisions and bundled it into a standalone service he calls a "Thinking Session."

In a 60-minute session (or less), you will spend time thinking through a decision together. I will offer frameworks and advice from similar situations to help you understand how to best tackle your specific situation.

Leaders have brought decisions on hybrid work, product expansion, key hires, career progression, strategy, political challenges, long-term issues, and more to a Thinking Session.

You will gain clarity and confidence on the specific decision you bring plus tools that you can take any other future decisions.

How Can I Help Your Thinking?

Every "Thinking Session" is unique tailored to you. Here's how the process works.

Start by choosing a decision that is particularly difficult or important to your organization. When you book your appointment, you will be asked to provide more details about the decision, including any relevant files that you feel comfortable sharing.

After you complete the booking and payment, you will be provided a unique and secure Zoom link for the "Thinking Session." We will have up to 60 minutes together.

After the session is over, you will receive a recording and transcript of our call plus anything that we create together. I often use virtual whiteboards as part of the conversation.

You will then have the option to ask any follow up questions by email for 30 days after the "Thinking Session."

If you're ready to booking your "Thinking Session," you can use the calendar system below to find the best time for you, provide any necessary background for Ruben and complete payment.

Every "Thinking Session" requires an investment of $1,000 USD.

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What Other Clients Are Saying

A preview of the results and team reactions you can expect when we work together.

It was great working with Ruben and completing the strategy sessions with him. We were able to cultivate great ideas to move our organization forward for the future.

Corey M.

Organizational Development / OR

This was a fantastic experience for our organization. He was organized, thoughtful, creative and responsive. He asked great leading questions and drew our whole team into a consensus of direction. I would heartily recommend his work.


Patricia N.

Executive Director / FOJ

Strategic planning can feel daunting, but Ruben guided Alianza’s management team through a two-day, structured process of identifying and prioritizing a handful of critical areas of operation that we could collectively focus on over the next 12-18 months. He patiently helped our group come to consensus, while providing team members multiple ways to share observations, opinions and individual visions for Alianza’s future. We appreciated Ruben’s professionalism and thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Pamela B.

Director of Development / ADV

Ruben's expertise and guidance were instrumental in the successful development of the 24-month strategic planning for Eagle Online Academy. The session was incredibly productive, and the outcomes far exceeded our expectations. Ruben's insights and thoughtful approach helped us navigate through complex challenges, and we are thrilled with the strategic roadmap we have crafted for the academy's future. I truly appreciate Ruben's dedication and hard work throughout the process. His commitment to excellence and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the planning. It's clear that he had a deep understanding of our needs and goals, and his expertise added tremendous value to the project.

Mozhgan  A.

Founder / EOA

Ruben did an outstanding job leading our team through a 2-day strategic planning session. Through his guidance, we were able to gain clarity as we prepare to go into our 20th year of service. It is great to get a re-start, especially post-COVID-19. We are very pleased with his professionalism and the deliverables we discussed.

Dr. Nicole S.

Executive Director / DITR

Ruben jumped on board our project with very little time to review our materials (given our tight timeframe) and yet he managed to run an excellent strategic planning session! We utilized his originally-designed strategic approach and outlined what are the key areas of focus for the next 18 months. It was a dynamic and fluid process that naturally led the focus items to bubble to the forefront. Ruben was a pleasure to work with, and his energy and enthusiasm were infectious!

Amanda C.

Executive Director / MSPUS

Awesome! Professional! Caring! Sensitive! Informative! The six-hour session went by fast and smooth. No one felt bored or that our time was being wasted. Highly, highly recommend Ruben Ugarte!

Philip W.

Principal / PHAA